• Data market and sharing

    How can I buy and sell the data I own? How do I benefit most from sharing data with other
    interested parties amongst my business networks?

  • Data in time

    What will happen with my data now and in the future? How can I manage the access to data though
    different stages of it’s lifecycle?

  • Data roles

    Which involvements, roles and rights can I setup when it comes down to creating, accessing and
    managing data?

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology solutions



  • Network trust

    How do I create trusted networks amongst parties involved? How is ownership of data managed and
    how does it reflect a single immutable truth?

  • Network data management

    Which network involvements and roles can we define in creating, maintaining and managing data
    and which parties are managing access security to this data?

  • Enhanced business network

    Which reliable technologies and infrastructural solutions can I trust on to strengthen our business
    network propositions?