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Blocxs blockchain demo app

Onze nieuwste demo blockchain app is live!

In onze nieuwe Blocxs demo app presenteren wij de integratie tussen een full stack web application en een hyperledger blockchain-implementatie. Hiermee realiseren wij de synthese tussen een razendsnel en state-of-the-art application development platform en een trust-functie door middel van distributed ledger technology.

Vraag ons om een demo!

Blocxs spreekt op Barcelona EMEA PI-World conferentie OSIsoft

Net als afgelopen april eerder dit jaar in San Francisco verzorgt Blocxs een blockchain-presentatie op de OSIsoft PI-World conferentie op 24 t/m 27 september 2018. Ditmaal wordt deze gehouden in Barcelona.

Onderdeel van de presentatie, die in samenwerking met Amerikaanse OSISoft en het Zwitserse Streamr wordt gegevenen, is een running demo waarin live een voorbeeld Blocxs-blockchain toepassing wordt gedemonstreerd.

Belangrijk voor Blocxs is dat OSISoft heeft aangegeven gebruik te willen gaan maken van het Hyperledger platform. Een omgeving waarvoor wij reeds begin 2017 gekozen hebben en waarmee onze samenwerking met OSIsoft wordt verstevigd.



Peter Kranenburg

Oracle kiest voor het Hyperledger blockchain platform

Software gigant Oracle lanceert deze maand haar eigen blockchain ‘platform-as-a-service’. De multinational uit Californië kiest hierbij voor het open source Linux based Hyperledger Fabric. Een van de projecten betreft het in de blockchain vastleggen van interbancaire transacties voor de Banco de Chile. Een ander project is het automatiseren van importrechten en de hierbij betrokken douane-documenten voor de Nigeriaanse overheid. Ook zoekt Oracle ingangen voor haar oplossingen in de farmaceutische branche om tracking en tracing van medicijn-batches te verbeteren.

Belangrijk voor Blocxs is dat hiermee opnieuw een grote speler zich begeeft op het Hyperledger platform. Een kader waarvoor wij al vroeg gekozen hebben en waarmee de juistheid van onze keuze wordt ondersteund.


Peter Kranenburg


OSIsoft Research is actively exploring blockchain technology. They are working together with Blocxs on a case study on how their PI System could be used in conjunction with blockchain technology to track and manage the lifecycle of industrial assets. OSIsoft is investigating how this revolutionary technology could solve some of the almost impossible challenges that their customers are facing. OSIsoft wants to be ready for the potential disruption and new possibilities that blockchain inevitably will bring.

A case study

This week Johan Mulder of Blocxs presented for more than 300 customers and partners at the OSIsoft PI World Conference that was held from April 23rd-27th 2018 in San Francisco USA. The presentation was about implementing a blockchain solution within a PI-system world and more specific how an asset life cycle could be managed using the blockchain concept. The demo part of the case study showed the integration between of the PI system and the Hyperledger blockchain where new assets (industrial engines) were created and registered. The second part of the demo consisted of the registration of specific engine test results in Hyperledger.

Sensor data written in a backend software system

OSIsoft is a company that offers solutions for customers with equipment and machinery that have sensors implemented that can communicate with OSIsoft software systems. An example of this is an engine on a assembly plant for which the running hours, the temperature of the gear box as well as the RPM are measured with a certain interval. These figures are received by the owner of the backend systems where this data is registered.

Blockchain or not?

As the engine owner also owns the data, tempering of the data is possible but serves no purpose therefore is would be no direct case for a blockchain implementation. However this traditionally stored data can become an issue when the motor is sold to another party. If the historical engine data will be delivered as part of the sale how can the new owner trust this data?


Trustable data

If data (parts that are related to trust issues) had been registered in a blockchain system where data technically can not be tampered with then this sale could have been accompanied with immutable data that the buyer can trust. As the risk for subsequent owners is reduced by trustable historical data any stored engine will become more valuable and therefore might result in higher sale prices. Company data will now be transformed into a value asset.


Peter Kranenburg

Dutch blockchain startup “Blocxs”, offering blockchain solutions for notary and legal services, announces
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Blocxs (Blockchain eXtensions for Society) announces that it will host an ICO from the 17th of September 2017 at 15:00 CET until the 17th of October 2017 at 23:59 CET.

This ICO facilitates participation for both crypto and traditional investors in our initiative to transform the notary and legal market into a more efficient and less costly blockchain alternative with disruptive new technology that the Ethereum platform is offering us.

We will create alternative and bridging solutions for consumers and businesses by implementing blockchain and web technology to make existing notary and legal processes and procedures direct accessible, adjustable, cost-effective and therefore more efficient.

Our first solution targets on asset protection, Life Sign Monitoring® and access providing of your cryptocurrencies and other valuable assets that require instructions, procedures and credentials to access them during an emergency case (i.e. passing away of the original holder). See 1-minute explainer video below. 

CXS tokens are available during the ICO for a fixed price that will be set at issuing starting time. CXS tokens are ERC20-compliant and we will make them exchangeable on an cryptocurrency exchange after the ICO ends. This token can be used for all services Blocxs will offer.

Blocxs has chosen for the specialized Waves ICO-platform for the issuing of its tokens. More information about the Blocxs CXS token, ICO guidelines and easy to follow instructions are described in our whitepaper which can be found here: